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Larry began experimenting with hood design over twenty years ago, under the tutelage of master hood maker Rick Anderson, when he could not obtain a hood to fit his first peregrine falcon. He has sold his hoods to falconers in Abu Dhabi, Ireland, Taiwan, and Korea, as well as throughout the USA and Canada. Over twenty years of serious hood study and experimentation have enabled him to offer hoods that provide the ultimate in comfort for the birds that wear them. His craftsmanship and the durability of his hoods are also appreciated by those who own them. Larry's unique design incorporates the best qualities of the traditional Arab, Dutch, and Indian hoods.

Dan McCarron's remarks reflect the opinions of many who use Larry's hoods.
"I have been using Larry Ray's hoods on passage Goshawks and Golden Eagles for over 20 years. The first time I saw one of Larry Ray's hoods on a bird I knew they would be the perfect style and fit for an eagle. Larry has experimented with and refined his own hood block design and hood patterns that have, in my opinion, resulted in the best fitting hood I have ever used or seen. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I'll let my birds do the talking when it comes to Larry Ray's hoods."                                 - Dan McCarron

Photos of Dan's birds in Larry Ray hoods appear throughout this site

A Larry Ray hood tag